Teyana  Teyana Chin, Office Manager, FXFOWLE

Before joining the SDA in 2013, Teyana Chin started her career at FXFOWLE in September of 2004 as the receptionist. Showing great potential, Teyana was promoted to an Executive Assistant in January of 2007 supporting multiple Partners and the Cultural Education studio. In 2013 Teyana was once again promoted to the Administrative Manager where she was responsible for managing the support staff.

Teyana was again promoted in 2014 to Office Manager where she runs the office, approves budgets, put policies in place, manage the support team, all while continuing to support two senior partners and being involved in multiple diversity work groups.

Teyana received an AAS in Marketing & Sales from The New York City College of Technology in June 2012 and BBA with a concentration in Marketing in December 2013 from Brooklyn College.

Teyana has accepted the nomination for Board Corresponding Secretary for the 2017 term and looks forward to being a part of the Chapter’s success.