Mike  Mike Jones, Controller, Silman

Mike is a Bronx native and very proud father of two over 21 year olds. He’s currently the Controller at Silman and has been with the firm since 2000. Overall, Mike has over 20 years of accounting experience and enjoys the daily challenges associated with being an accounting professional. His accounting experiences range from corporate retail accounting management to the television industry. In addition to Mike’s accounting experience, he has worked as a state law enforcement officer and certified recovery agent while maintaining his primary career. Educated at Thomas Edison State College and SCS Business Institute, Mike earned a certificate in Business Management and a BS in Business Administration.

Mike joined the SDA in 2007 and has thrived as a member by actively participating on several committees. His primary interest in the SDA is to continue to grow as a professional by being as engaged as much as he can where he sees a need and inviting others to benefit from the same. When not enjoying the sound of a good Casio calculator, Mike enjoys touring the states on his Harley-Davidson, playing his bass guitar & piano, fishing, shooting pool and an array of other nature associated activities. If Mike is known for anything, it’s for always smiling and trying to help the next person.

Mike has served in various positions on SDA NY committees throughout the years before joining the New York Chapter Board of Directors in January 2016 as Vice President. In this position, as well as Chair of Chapter Membership, Mike launched the Year of Engagement, an incredibly successful membership program concentrating on engaging both long-time and new members. As such, Mike looks forward to continuing his position as Vice President in 2017 and bringing together members and non-members alike.